A heart full of hearts

As I was lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself and my aching throat, I decided I would doodle. Well my doodles became a painting.
I like the way this turned out but it reminded me of a theory I had when I was little. I used to imagine that our hearts were divided into sections for the people we love and the more we care for that person the bigger their section would be. My painting made me think back and now I see hearts differently.

A Funny Seal

Today I am sick which is unfortunate because its only my second day with this blog and I don’t have much to share, but here’s a funny seal from new years!

Girl on a Bus

In the odd case someone began to wonder why my blog is called “Girl on a Bus” I will tell you why. The title implies that I could be any girl on any bus, which is exactly what I am going for. Until I give you more information I could be anybody. This statement is also true because the bus is my main mode of┬átransportation, you will probably hear a lot of stories about the characters i meet on the bus.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! Here, where I live, it is a particularly cloudy day and am generally an early riser so out of lack of anything else to do I will attempt my first blog.
This is what I wish the sky looked like but judging from the clouds coming in my direction the weather is only going to get worse. This week has been particularly busy with school and sport, so I’ve spent this weekend purposefully accomplishing nothing.I am not excited for today because it marks the end of my rest due to my last soccer game, which is actually quite a relief, and a family dinner afterwards. It isn’t much unless you have met my coach, who hates me, and seen my pile of homework left untouched.