high-tech lizard

Isn’t this sweet? A slightly smaller version of my lizard from two years ago

Tree Branch Silhouette

Beautiful Crows

Everywhere I go I hear people talking about how they hate crows and what a nuisance they are, but I find them beautiful. Seagulls are a different story… I once had a seagull land on my head, Apparently it really wanted some of my doughnut.

All it takes is a smile from a toddler

Smiling babies can turn any day around. ^Me when i was around 1

Just a Sketch

Today i didn’t have anything to post about so here is a sketch. I don’t know who its supposed to be but if you’ve seen her let me know.

My lizard

^ this is my lizard Bluerton. I was letting him explore my room when I noticed he wasn’t running about anymore so I went to search for him. It took me forever to find him but when I did he was sleeping vertically on a stack of books. It was really quite sweet. I didn’t manage to get a good picture of him with his eyes shut, the only clear image I could get was right after he woke up with explains why he isn’t to cheery.


Dancing on the street

Last night, my friends and I had an extreme surge of energy probably due to sugar intake. We decided to use it for the greater good, so put on costumes and dance in the street. You wouldn’t believe how much fun it was until… Two twenty-something year old men got out of their car with a stereo and decided they wanted to join in on our little fiesta. Using our scared y-cat instincts we sprinted to her house, meanwhile being asked several times not to go. I’m not entirely sure what the message in this story is, it’s just for entertainment purposes I guess. I don’t know whether you will take this as funny or creepy but regardless, enjoy.

^ my friend who we will call Lily for the sake of confidentiality

Stop smoking chubby squirrel!

As i was heading out for lunch this afternoon, my friends and i spotted a squirrel. As we approached to take a picture we realized the squirrel was actually eating a cigarette, luckily as soon as it saw us in an attempt to escape it dropped the cigarette. unfortunately I didn’t capture the squirrel with the cigarette but this pictures cool anyways.

Sky is on fire!

My goal was to write at least one entry everyday, and to put at least one picture up but my day was very busy today and this is the first chance I have on the computer. I know its late but I just had to get a post up.

To me it looks like the sky is on fire in this image. I don’t know why, it may just be me but either way its kind of beautiful.